Access to Justice

Caste Atrocities and Human Rights Violations against Dalit and Adivasi communities are regular phenomenon and growing every day with the more cruel forms. Dalit Human Rights Monitoring is the one of the thrust activities of SASY to bring out the facts of gruesomehuman rights violations committed against Dalits, Women, Children, Adivasis and other weaker sections of the society, such as caste based discriminations, atrocities, social exclusions, police torture, encounter death, custodial death, violence against women, corporal punishment, violence against minorities and other oppressed communities.Dalit human rights monitoring follows the human rights standards, local, international human rights treatiesthroughconducting fact finding mission scientifically.

Fact-finding missions are carried out immediately after theincident of caste atrocities, human rights violationsoccurred or reported in the field. The Dalit Human Rights Defenders or Fact Finding team will rush to occurrence placesand meet the affected persons to console them and meet immediate need including medical treatment, protection and etc. The team will collect the facts and obtain necessary documents and evidences. Theteam meet the survivors, witnesses, perpetrators, civil society and concern government officials such as Police, Revenue, Judiciary, Doctors and other concerned district and state authorities. The Reports are prepared based on the facts, information and status of human rights violations measured with the effectiveness of law and other human rights standards for further interventions on behalf of the survivors to access justice system.